Publishers A-Z

The following is a list of publishing houses and are to be used at your own discretion. 

Aardwolf Publishing

 Action Publishing

AK Press

AKW Books

 Alexandrian Archives Publishing!

Alfresco Press

 Alpha Academic Press

Autumn House Press

Baal Hamon

 Bantam Dell Publishing Group  

Barbarian Books

Bareback Press

Barking Rain Press

 Bayeux Arts 

Beacon Press 

Bella Books

Bellevue Literary Press 

Biblio Publishing

  Bitingduck Press

Black Bed Sheet Books

Black Scat Books

Blacksmith Books


 Blue Moon Literary & Art Review

BOA Editions Ltd.

 Bottom Dog Press/ Bird Dog Publishing

Boyds Mills Press  

Bracket Books


Bright Hill Press  

Briona Glen Publishing

Broken Jaw Press

Broken Jaw Press 

Broken Publications

Brooklyn Arts Press

Bullitt Publishing

C Forbes Press

Cairn Press

Centrinian Publishing Ltd

Cerebro Press

Chances Press LLC

Change The Universe

Changeling Press  

Charles Towne Publishing

Chelsea Green Publishing   

Christian World Imprints

Chronicle Books  

Cinco Puntos Press  

City Lights Books  

Clark-Nova Books

Clear Cut Press 

Cleis Press 

Coach House Books  

Colony Collapse Press

Compass Books

Cormorant Books 

Cozy Cat Press

Creekside Publishing

 Crime Wave Press

CyPress Publications

Dark Hall Press

Darkcrab Press

 Darker Pleasures

Divertir Publishing

Dragon Moon Press     

Ekstasis Editions  

Etruscan Press 

Fantastic Books Publishing

 Find Horn Press 

Finishing Line Press 

Fire and Ice Young Adult Books An imprint from Melange Books LLC

 Firewheel Editions 

Five Star Publishing / Cengage Learning

Flame Lily Books Ltd

Floricanto Press 

Freethought House

Fremantle Arts Centre Press 

Frog Hollow Press 

Futuretense Books 

Genesis Press  

Gingko Press 

Glastonbury Publishing

 Grace Notes Books

Great American Publishing Society 

Green Boathouse  

Green King Press

 Greenleaf Book Group Press

Grove Creek Publishing

 Guernica Editions

Guernica Editions  

Hamilton Stone 

Hanging Loose Press

Hark! New Era Publishing


Highway Press

 Holy Cow Press 

In Our Own Words 

Ink Smith Publisher

Inkspell Publishing

Insomniac Press  

Intrigue Press 

Invisible Cities Press 

James Ward Kirk

Jessica Kingsley Publishing 

Jigsaw Press

 John Daniel & Company  

John Hunt Publishing

Kasma Publishing

Kelsay Books

Kelsey Street Press

Kensington Books  

Kore Press

 Kumarian Press Books 

KY Story

 Laughing Lune Publishing

Leapfrog Press 

Lekha Publishers

Leo Publishing LLC

Library Tales Publishing


Little Creek Books

 Lost Horse Press  

Lynne Rienner Publishers  

Maisonneuve press 

Malachite Quills Publishing

Marsh Hawk Press 

Mayapple Press

Mcsweeney s Books 

Medallion Press Inc.

Melange Books LLC

 Middle Island Press

Milkweed Editions 

Mind Flare Media

Modern Bard

Moonshine Cove Publishing LLC

Morningside Books

Mouthfeel Press

Mythic Dragon Publishing

NeoPopRealism Press

 Nephilim Press

 Neverland Publishing Company

New Leaf Books  

New Leaf Publishing Group

New Victoria Publishers 

NewSage Press 

On Lives Press

Pagan Poet

Pants On Fire Press

 Paris Press 

 Parlor Press 


Persea Books 

Plain View Press

Plainview Press  

Pleasure Boat Studio  

Poisoned Press 

Poltroon Press 

 Prizm Books

Random House Publishing Group  

Red Bone Press

Red Letter Press

Red Wheel/Weiser LLC

Rhemalda Publishing

 RockSaw Press

Roof Books

 Roseway Publishing 

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Santa Monica Press

 See Sharp Press

Shanti Arts Publishing

 Shoot Your Eye Out Publishing

Silver Knight Publishing

Simon & Schuster

Skint Press

 Snow Lion Publications

Sons of Liberty Publishing

Spinsters Ink

Spore Press LLC

 StarWalk Kids Media

Steady Moon Press

Steel Pen Publishing

 280 Steps

  Stormblade Productions

Swan Isle Press  

Sweatshoppe Publications

Take Two Publishing

Talon Books 

TamTam Books

The Black Mountain Press

The Flaneur

The Key Publishing House Inc

The Tri-Screen Connection LLC

 The Women’s Press

Tirgearr Publishing

Toad Press

Torquere Press

TSAR Publications

Tumblehome Learning

Tupelo Press Inc

Unbridled Books

Vehicule Press 

Vesta House Publishing

Viewforth Press

 Villard Publishing


Virgogray Press

Walker & Company

 Wave Books


Wheelman Press

White Knuckle Press

White Pine

 Wicked Velvet

WiDo Publishing

Wolf Trail Press

Word Warriors Press (WWP)

Words on the Street 


 XoXo Publishing a Ninni Group Inc

Yellow Moon Press

Yellow Moon Press  

Zed Books

Zombie Logic Press

Zumaya Publications