Excerpt: Amulet of Darkness

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  (This page is meant for Adults and has sexual content)


                             She wanted his kisses. She shouldn’t, but she did…


  “Surrender to me,” he commanded, his voice low, seductive. With deliberate slowness, he nibbled his way up her throat. “Only to me.”

 Her head lobbed backward, and she welcomed his lips trailing across her flesh nipping the sensitive nape of her neck. His tongue darted in her earlobe. She moaned.

 She was ripe for him, willingly unabashed to let him delve into her forbidden nectar, willing to toss everything away and give herself to him.

 Would she be sorry come first morning’s light? The words seeped into his mind unbalancing him, but before he could dwell upon the thought, she cupped her hands around his neck and brought him closer. She kissed his chin, grazing a trail of kisses across his neck.

 His loins swelled, hot and torturous. Every nerve sizzled.

 No. Stop. What about tomorrow? 

 He didn’t want to think about the future, not now, with the swell of her bosom snug against his chest, not now as her uncontrollable passion aroused his own.

  “Mmm, oh yes,” she moaned as he swirled his tongue over her budded breast then grazed his teeth slightly.

 He pushed his conflicted thoughts away and lost himself in the sound of her deep heady groan resonating in the back of her throat. He ran his fingers through her hair and buried his face against her neck.

The tiny boat rocked, jerking him back to reality.

 No. Gareth broke from her kisses. They would live to see another day.  She had to go back to Sariel.  He had a vow to fulfill and so did she.

 He studied her face swathed in the eerie glow of mysterious green light. Her eyes were wide—dreamy, her lips swollen with his kisses. He sighed. Damn Sariel. Those lips were made to be kissed.

 Cyrenne leaned forward, taunting him with her mouth.

 He wanted to gather her into his arms and make love to her beneath the mysterious lights, but he knew the minute he’d broken away, reality had taken over.

 He didn’t have the heart to say the words, but she knew they were finished. Disappointment darkened her eyes and sliced his heart.

 Without a word, she sat up, covered her breasts, picked up an oar and began to paddle.

 And as the dark realm slid past them Gareth knew she understood.

 In his heart she was his woman.

 In reality she could never be.